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Soundtrack: Minions

The Rise of Gru • Movie • July 1, 2022

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Minions: The Rise of Gru is a 2022 American computer-animated comedy film produced by Illumination and distributed by Universal Pictures. It is the sequel to the spin-off prequel Minions (2015) and the fifth entry overall in the Despicable Me franchise. Directed by Kyle Balda, with Brad Ableson and Jonathan del Val as co-directors, the film features Steve Carell reprising his role as Gru and Pierre Coffin as the Minions, with Taraji P. HensonMichelle YeohRZAJean-Claude Van DammeLucy LawlessDolph LundgrenDanny TrejoRussell BrandJulie Andrews, and Alan Arkin also starring.


  • Despicable Me

    Song by Pharrell Williams

    • Add scene description •

    Despicable Me - Pharrell Williams
  • Main Title & First Victim (from the film Jaws)

    Song by John Williams

    0:09′ • Gru goes to the cinema with the minions. •

    Main Title & First Victim (from the film Jaws) - John Williams
  • Bad Moon Rising

    Song by John Fogerty

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    Bad Moon Rising - John Fogerty
  • String Quintet In E Major, Op. 13 Minuet

    Song by Luigi Boccherini

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    String Quintet In E Major, Op. 13 Minuet - Luigi Boccherini
  • Cat Scratch Fever

    Song by Ted Nugent

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    Cat Scratch Fever - Ted Nugent
  • You’re No Good

    Song by Linda Ronstadt

    0:22′ & 1:25′ • Gru meets professor Nefario before listening to his record of this song & Third end credits song •

    You’re No Good - Linda Ronstadt
  • Wave

    Song by Antonio Carlos Jobim

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    Wave - Antonio Carlos Jobim
  • All The Young Dudes

    Song by Mott The Hoople

    0:29′ • The minions play this song in the van after Gru manages to escape the villains. •

    All The Young Dudes - Mott The Hoople
  • Get Down Tonight

    Song by KC and The Sunshine Band

    0:32′ • After finding out Otto lost the stone, Gru decides to track it down at the birthday party. •

    Get Down Tonight - KC and The Sunshine Band
  • Goodbye To Love

    Song by The Carpenters

    0:32′ • Gru leaves the minions to search for the stone and become a super villain, but he gets kidnapped. •

    Goodbye To Love - The Carpenters
  • Blitzkrieg Bop

    Song by Ramones

    0:36' • The minions go to the boy’s house to retrieve the stone, but he says he gave it to his uncle. Continues when they return to the boy and ask again for the stone. •

    Blitzkrieg Bop - Ramones
  • On The Beautiful Blue Danube, Op. 314

    Song by Johann Strauss

    0:40′ • The minions pilot the plane to get to Gru in San Francisco. •

    On The Beautiful Blue Danube, Op. 314 - Johann Strauss
  • More, More, More

    Song by Andrea True Connection

    0:42′ & 0:53′ • Wild Knuckles shows Gru his new device: the disco torture. Plays again when the minions reach the house in which Gru is being kept. Play again when Wild Knuckles unties Gru in order to get his help around the house. •

    More, More, More - Andrea True Connection
  • The Conversation

    Song by John T. Williams

    • Add scene description •

    The Conversation - John T. Williams
  • Funky Town

    Song by Lipp Inc.

    0:52′ • The minions practice kung fu. When the lady is not paying attention, they play music. •

    Funky Town - Lipp Inc.
  • You Can’t Always Get What You Want

    Song by The Rolling Stones

    1:19′ • Gru and Wild Knuckles, who faked his death, drive off from the funeral. / Ending scene •

    You Can’t Always Get What You Want - The Rolling Stones
  • You Can’t Always Get What You Want

    Song by Pierre Coffin

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    You Can’t Always Get What You Want - Pierre Coffin
  • Lose Yourself

    Song by Eminem

    • (first official trailer) •

    Lose Yourself - Eminem
  • Sabotage

    Song by Beastie Boys

    • (second and third official trailers) •

    Sabotage - Beastie Boys
  • Home Sweet Home

    Song by Mötley Crüe

    • (second official trailer) •

    Home Sweet Home - Mötley Crüe

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