How to say see you soon in dutch

Common Phrases: Tot Ziens, Tot Gauw, Tot Straks

“Learning basic greetings and phrases in a new language can be an exciting endeavor. One such phrase that can help you connect with Dutch-speaking individuals is “See you soon.” In this article, we will explore various ways to say “See you soon” in Dutch, providing you with a glimpse into the beautiful Dutch language and culture.

How to say see you soon in dutch Audio

Common Phrases

1. Tot Ziens

The most common way to say “See you soon” in Dutch is “Tot ziens.” This phrase is widely used in both formal and informal settings. It directly translates to “Until we see each other again.”

2. Tot Gauw

Another informal way to bid farewell is by saying “Tot gauw,” which means “See you soon.” This phrase is often used among friends and family.

3. Tot Straks

If you plan to meet someone shortly, you can use “Tot straks,” which translates to “See you later.” It indicates a shorter duration until your next meeting.

Formal Expressions

4. Tot Weldra

In more formal situations, you can use “Tot weldra.” This phrase is akin to “Until we meet again soon” and is suitable for professional settings.

5. Tot Spoedig

“Tot spoedig” is a formal way to express the same sentiment. It conveys the idea of meeting again in the near future.

Casual Farewells

6. Houdoe

In some regions of the Netherlands, particularly in the south, people say “Houdoe” to mean “Goodbye.” It is a more casual expression and may not be understood by everyone in the Dutch-speaking world.

7. Doei

For an even more informal farewell, you can use “Doei.” This is similar to saying “Bye” in English and is commonly used among friends.

Special Occasions

8. Fijne Dag Verder

To wish someone a pleasant day ahead, you can say “Fijne dag verder.” It’s a polite and friendly way to part ways.

9. Prettig Weekend

On Fridays, you might hear “Prettig weekend,” which means “Have a nice weekend.” It’s a cheerful way to usher in the weekend.

Parting Thoughts

Learning how to say “See you soon” in Dutch is a great way to connect with Dutch-speaking individuals and show your appreciation for their culture. Whether you’re using the formal “Tot weldra” in a professional context or opting for the friendly “Doei” among friends, these phrases will help you navigate social interactions in the Netherlands and beyond.


Now that you’ve learned various ways to say “See you soon” in Dutch, you can confidently bid farewell in different situations. Language is a powerful tool for building connections and fostering understanding. So, go ahead and practice these Dutch phrases, and you’ll be on your way to becoming a more fluent communicator.

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